But what would the Doozers wear?

29 08 2007

My first official day as a commuter done, and I only made my lunch companions pose for one touristy picture in Yorkville. Maybe it’s the thesis revision stage making me punchy. Also, it might just be the Fall TV blitz going on, but I was in no way bothered by seeing Michael Vartan’s face plastered all over Union Station ads. Or the Laura Secord cone (crunchy chocolate chip) that passed the time waiting for the train to pull out.


In knitting, the hourglass pullover continues (in good pace actually: I’m onto the yoke and have just a few more inches of decreasing before the collar. Hot damn.) but last week I managed to crank out a fun little gem with two balls of Online Linie SmashCrazy from the tent sale at the Needle Emporium. Usually I have to admit a whole lot of weirdness around novelty yarns. I don’t know what to do with them and I’m convinced that one person’s funky!cool is another person’s “you knit WHAT?”. So in that vein, I’m still deciding on this one.


1) This will be so funky and fun to wear all fall! I’ll stay so warm yet stylish in that chilly air, and no way you’d get this in a store!


2) The Fraggles in my basement are shedding, but look at this cool scarf you can make out of it!

Whatever it is, it was fast, it was on 10mm needles, and I’m kicking myself daily for not cramming more of that stuff into my grab bags.



6 responses

30 08 2007
Glenna C

Ahahahahahahha. ::snif::
That’s hilarious. At least you got ONE Fraggle scarf, I only got wool and totally skipped the scarf kits!

30 08 2007

I might be more inclined to think “fraggle”, but I do think that the Fraggles are completely awesome.

What really matters is if You like your knits — was it fun to knit? will it be fun to wear? If yes, then it’s all good!

Doozers would probably disagree with the scarf, fashion-wise, but they do knit if they can’t built. (Seriously. I have the episode on DVD.)

30 08 2007

Ahh… Great minds must think alike! I too pulled out the scarf kit purchased at the tent sale and whipped it up. I’m not sure what I think of it either. I can’t decide whether it belongs on someone artsy and/or a bit eccentric or in the Tickle Trunk in my classroom costume box!

30 08 2007

I’m not much for the novelty yarns but I’ve got to say… your scarf looks to be loads of fun and the colours are fabulous!
Wear it in great style and fun and what’s more? if it’s that warm, what an added bonus!

30 08 2007

Looks cute to me. I have the same fear of noveties though – initially I bought a fair bit but now they look at me from their pile and I shift nervously just not sure any more..

31 08 2007
Lady O

Now I know what to do with Fraggle fur….

I thought that was MV, what with the slightly confused blank look and all

How are you enjoying being a commuter?

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