Christmas Invasion

17 12 2007

My digital camera seems to be broken. All it will show me is a blank screen and no piccies. Much like Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator, I am vexed. All text and no pics makes blog a dull blog.

But through advanced stealth technology (the camera phone) operatives were able to capture conclusive evidence of the spread of the Korknisse invasion. Tiny, adaptable to any situation and size of cork, the festive creatures may emerge within minutes from the knitting bags of visitors to your home. Multiple theories abound as to what exactly may be hiding behind their ever-observant eyes, we have yet to learn their true purpose. Their primary mode of infiltration is an abundance of cuteness, provoking immediate and powerful affection in the humans they afflict. Be on the lookout in your home.


However¬† without pics I can still disavow all knowledge of the Noni carpet bag (that is 40% knitted, in some very springlike shades of green). If I did have pics to show, it would be of the socks I’m making for my grandpa: plain, navy blue stockinette, baby. This time around they are on 2.5mm instead of 2.75, because I couldn’t find my set of 4 2.75s (I wasn’t feeling the bamboo on these ones), and I do believe I enjoy the difference in the finished product. And the last would be the wristwarmers (another treat from LMKG) in Mission Falls 1824 superwash. I love this yarn so much I want to write sonnets about it.

Like the rest of the blogosphere from Southwestern Ontario and up the eastern seaboard, we got whomped with hella snow yesterday, which unfortunately sabotaged holiday visiting. After many phone calls and emailing in place of faces, it’s clear there will be social regrouping in the weeks to come. Today, I enjoyed a walk in the soft stuff underfoot and watched my building dig out of the parking lot, one car at a time.

Oh, hey. It’s t-minus 7 days on the gift knitting, isn’t it? I’d best get on that. And be on the lookout: THEY ARE COMING.


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4 responses

17 12 2007

I can hear the Korknisse calling to me…. and they’re just so darned cute!

29 12 2007

Your Korkies are adorable!! And love the new banner, it looks fantastic!

31 12 2007

Ooh, I like the look of that Euroflax, I’ve always wanted to try that!

And doesn’t stashing just feel good, even if there’s a project attached to every ball already? ;)

Happy New Year!


1 01 2008

Love the header.

Wishing you a very happy 2008.

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