Land of Hypothetical Knitting

24 04 2008

The last few weeks with such a big project getting close to the finishing point, I’ve been fighting off a massive case of start-itis. I haven’t cast on anything but instead I’ve been doing a lot of browsing of patterns and yarn online. Just a little Ravelry-searching to take the edge off. I know the forums are the main reason many people go to Ravelry but I still like it best as a pattern database. Instead of rushing to an impulse cast-on with that bit of stash yarn that just jumped out, or that pattern I’ve been curious about for ages, or an idea that seems good at the time, all the project pages can show you what you’d be in for.

So while Icarus is taking a break mid-bind off (I KNOW RIGHT?), I’m going to let my wrists rest and dream of these little bitties:

  • Percy, which would use up the Patons Grace I had left from the attempt at 1930.
  • The Luna Moth Shawl, from Elann. (Lace that doesn’t have to be laceweight! I’m so in!)
  • The Forest Canopy Shawl, which would totally use one skein of sock yarn. (Ditto!)
  • Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt, from Summer 2007 IK. (Not so much hypothetical knitting as a pre-queue, I guess. It would rock that linen from the Cloth & Clay closeout.)
  • The Woodland Shawl, which has totally been in my queue for months and is probably going to stay there a bit more, while summer knitting takes over. (Another thing to do with sock yarn!)
  • One of the Mitred Square Blankets from Mason-Dixon was actually a big dream a couple months ago, but I de-queued it when I realized it wasn’t doable in the next couple months and lace is eating my brain. But when I do dream past the stash and the queue ideas… maybe one bit at a time, who knows.
  • The one I can’t explain is the Forest Path Stole, which is in the Best of Interweave Knits book. I think at some point in the last week I’d convinced myself I could totally cast that on and the laceweight would, uh, not at all hurt or stress me. Reading the Ravelry projects was genuinely inspiring though. It looks freakishly complex but so many people have finished it beautifully that it really seems possible. (That Misti Alpaca will have to go somewhere, won’t it?)

Some of those are in the queue along with some other bits, like sock patterns to use some gift yarn with. But for now they’re possibilities. I shall not let my queue stress me out! It is not the land of Unfinished, it is the land of Hypothetical. In which anything can happen and nothing is too big to dream about.

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7 responses

24 04 2008

I am working on Percy and enjoying it so far although the mercerized cotton isn’t the easiest thing to be knitting with, I can feel the arthritis in the knuckles coming on already!

And the Mitred Square blanket is very tempting for me too ….. soon, soon ….

I admire your strength to plug away at Icarus and not have started something yet. I am weak, I cannot control the urge …. startitis rules me still!

24 04 2008

Oooooooooooooh binding off. Wear it tonight!

Love, Steph.

24 04 2008

I love your classifications of patterns-to-be-knit: “hypothetical”, “pre-queue”, and “queued”! It makes you sound super-organized, and like somehow the knitting has already begun…

24 04 2008

Heh.. great list, I’ve been thinking about the Luna Moth shawl…
I recently knit a mitred square blanket, glad I did but I’m also glad ‘been there, done that’…. it was definitely worth it.

24 04 2008

when i was a crazy knitter, i decided to do the Forest Path Stole.

It was my first Enterlac project.

It was also my first lace project.

it was ripped out after hours of tears.

(i’m sure at some point i will get over the pain, but it still scares me).

and i need pictures of icarus. maybe seeing another persons FO will help me go back to mine.

25 04 2008

Lovely ideas there. I do find it hard not to turn my queue into a to do list and then inevitably start something that was nowhere on the queue! Definitely more fun if it can just be about possibilities.

3 08 2008
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[...] know it’ll be months before most of those will even see a queue, but looking back at my last round of hypothesising, there are three from that list that have seen the needles since then. So who [...]

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