Nobody cares if you upset a droid

23 05 2009

My Baby Surprise Jacket, that I was halfway through, took a setback yesterday when I realized I had made a mistake so far back in the knitting, ripping it back would basically be the equivalent of starting over. So I tore the needles out and started a little sweater-to-sweater transfusion. It’s a little weird and floopy. But I’m with ya, EZimm. Now I see why there are thousands of these things on Ravelry. 

This will join me on the couch for a quiet Saturday morning, since I’ve been getting a tiny cold that’s tiny enough not to bother much with, but enough to be annoying enough to want to pack it in with tea and toast and some restful garter stitch. Mmm. No purling. (Although, note to self: toast hard to eat while coughing.)

In lieu of actual knitting, please enjoy and be hypnotized by the following a capella Star Wars tribute. Someone move this walking carpet.

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One response

23 05 2009

Hope you feel all better soon.
I love the BSJs, love knitting them, love seeing them on the wee’uns…. but even more (or at least every bit equally) I love the Tomten. :^)

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